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Daily Affirmations

The daily demands of caregiving can harm your health too. Some days are so stressful that simple moments of joy can’t penetrate the tension. You need to learn to care for yourself, as much as you care for your loved one. Take two minutes each morning to repeat these powerful affirmations out loud:

  1. Starting today, I will no longer accept stress from issues that are outside my control. I will believe that when I’ve done my best that is all anyone can or should ask of me.
  2. From this day forth, I resolve to put friends, music and laughter back into my life. I recognize that no amount of my suffering will help my loved one.
  3. As of this moment, I will no longer accept hurt from toxic people. I acknowledge my value and will withdraw from dialogues designed to belittle my contributions or skills.
  4. Starting now, I will recognize that I have the right, power and insight to make decisions that include caring for myself and maintaining my quality of life. I know that caregiving and being cared for are not mutually exclusive.
  5. Starting today, I will acknowledge that I am the best daughter, son, husband, or wife I can be and give myself the applause I deserve for a job well done.

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